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Qurani Wazaif Rohani Ilaj

Following are some Qurani Wazaif Rohani Ilaj from Qur’an Presenting Istikhara Online

Wazifa To Cure Tuber culosis (TB)
Wazifa To Cure Thyroid Diseases
Wazifa To Cure Kidney Diseases
Wazifa To Cure Sciatica
Wazifa To Cure Joint Pain
Wazifa To Cure Headache
Wazifa To Cure Ophthalmic Diseases
Wazifa To Cure Menstrual Disorder
Wazifa To Cure Typhoid Fever
Wazifa for Domestic Quarrels
Wazifa To Develop Memory Power
Wazifa To get success in exams
Wazifa For Marriage
Wazifa For Disobedient
Wazifa For Love Between Husband and Wife
Wazifa To cure skin diseases
Wazifa To cure Bladder infections
Wazifa For Success
Wazifa To Get Success in Business
Wazifa To Cure Liver Diseases
Wazifa To cure blood pressure
Wazifa To cure heart diseases
Wazifa For every Lawful aim
Wazifa To Get rid of the bad spirit,evil or trouble
Wazifa To Cure Fits
Wazifa To Cure Urinary Trac Infection
Wazifa To get success in the court Case
Wazifa To cure swine flu
Wazifa To Cure Pharyngial Diseases
Wazifa To Cure Ear Diseases

Surah Fatiha: Recite 3 times daily for averting temperature.
Surah Al-Baqarah, Surah Aal-i-Imram: To avoid sins
Surah Al-Maida: For averting hunger
Surah Al-Inam: To avoid any difficult situation
Surah Al-Iraf: For averting mouth-disease
Surah Al-Anfal: For gaining respect
Surah Al-Tauba, Surah Al-Yunus: In order to get rid of false claims
Surah Huud: In order to gain peace in a difficult situation
Surah Yusuf: If someone gets imprisonment in a false claim
Surah Al-Ra’ad: To avert the effects of magic on an infant child
Surah Ibrahim: For acceptance of prayers
Surah Al-Hajr: For lever problems
Surah Al-Nahl: For averting the danger
Surah Bani-Israel: For effective communication
Surah Al-Kahaf: For gaining back the employment
Surah Mariam: For cancerous diseases
Surah Taha: For marriages
Surah Al-Ambiya: For peace and happiness
Surah Al-Hajj: For performing Hajj
Surah Al-Mominoon: For avoiding sins and drugs
Surah Noor: For avoiding the false allegations
Surah Furqan: For threatening diseases
Surah Al-Shu’ara: For finding the lost ones
Surah Al-Namal: For profits
Surah Al-Qasas: For the lost ones
Surah Ankaboot: For the dead ones
Surah Al-Room: For avoiding quarrels between the husband and wife.

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